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Amy began sharing the power of her crystals with close friends who reached out in times of need. The stories that have accumulated from the effects that these crystals have had on Amy, her family, her friends, and acquaintances have served as the motivation behind Rock With Me’s products.

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I just purchased from Amy the most incredible bracelet. She mailed it out and it came in one day, can you believe that? What fast and fantastic service. The bracelet is amazing, As soon as I put it on, I could feel the energy. But it is also so beautiful. Perfect for a man and it has protective and healing energy in my opinion. I just love it and I usually don’t wear jewelry so this is the only thing I am wearing. I highly recommend Amy’s products as not only are they incredibly stunning but have great Light energy. The lady has talent and her creations are one of a kind..
John DeSalvo, Ph.D., author of “Power Crystals” published by Inner Traditions

The first Rock With Me piece I acquired is the rose quartz arrowhead necklace. I found myself attracted to it without knowing too much about rose quartz – something about love, right? I was focused instead on how pretty it was, and how much it matched my style. Pretty charm, long gold chain. Sparkly, but not over the top.

I started wearing it near daily. Immediately. Lifting it over my head every morning and letting the crystal settle over my shirt became ritual. An act of self care. It made me pause for just a moment to admire the necklace – and then myself – in the mirror before rushing out the door. Who stops to admire themselves? Not criticize, not check, not find flaws, or look to see if we’ve met some standard, but just admire? Who even has time for that?

Over the next few weeks, I found that when I was wearing my rose quartz necklace, I stood a little taller. When around people who usually made me feel a little ill at ease or insecure, I held my head up a little higher. Instead of focusing on what I thought they wanted to see, I was aware of what I had to offer.

I know a little more about rose quartz now. A few weeks after I first got the necklace, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Someone sent me an article about crystals and cancer, and I read that rose quartz is not only good for promoting self love, but healing of feminine cancers. So, I kept wearing it every day. I have no doubt that the healing energy in the necklace helped me through the journey that followed. It helped me focus on my strength, my ability to heal, and most especially my ability to care for myself, in lots of little ways and big ways. All of this was absolutely essential to my healing.

Amanda Joy

I wanted to thank you for the rocks provided last Friday.
They have been perfect, wanted to wait to have several nights of sleep.

I put the rocks in my hands for 1 hr before I fall asleep watching TV.
I then put them under my pillow, I had a very deep sleep with very colorful dreams since then.

You do have a gift to be able to create these kits and solutions for ailments.

Your “Dream On” kit is wonderful and has helped me tremendously already.

Ricardo Ortizcazarin